The comment that brought me back!

As many of you know, I’ve been off the blogging world for a loooong time. It’s been too long, really. Whom can I blame, but myself? I’ve kept myself too busy, even though I did have some time to kill every now and then. . .
                I blog this drivel just because of a tiny game of chance life played with me today. . . Wanna know exactly what it was?
I was, (as usual) surfing the net aimlessly, when I happened to click on the blogger link in a page by mistake. Usually, the sight of my blog centre with 0 comments to moderate puts me off but today was different . . .
                There was a comment on my last post! That really felt Intriguing, so I decided to look it up. . .
Here’s the comment:

"Even if u post after like a decade, v ll b der 2 read u! :) "
By Pooja on Of Delays and more Delays on 6/29/10 

I know not what I did to deserve such an ardent reader, and just for that one person, I believe, I ought to return to posting. . .
Don’t you guys agree?
Thanks a helluvia lot, Pooja!!
Yu helped me revive myself, and in extension, my blog!
Posts will keep coming regularly now.

Of Delays and more Delays

Here I am again, after a long long break. . . . .
I have always asked myself the same old question many a time. . . .
"Why am i not back on blogger?"
The answer presents itself to me from an ever-weary corner of my mind . . . .
"You dont have time to do all that now . . ."
what makes me so very busy that i cant even post a single paragraph, a verse or a line ?

Is it the time consuming studies? Is it the ever-busy schedule i've drawn for myself?
or is it just that i've drifted away from the idea of blogging?
The answer, it seems, is a complex one.
Never before have i felt so much of an urge to begin writing again, as if an age old ghost beckons me towards my pc, persuading me to continue typing, from word to word, letter to letter, key to key . . . .
Maybe i'll be back here again, in an hour, a month or a day . .  hoping to hear from ppl i've lost touch with, ppl who i still hope like to read me.

Yours, Lovingly