Fearless, Thou Shalt Be

In the wake of yawning decadence,
In the arms of dreadful pestilence
In the eyes of hopeless impudence,
Fearless Thou shalt be!
When the time is ripe to cast the sword
When the time is prime to spread the word,
When evil’s ugly head is reared,
Fearless Thou shalt be!
When it’s time to do the best things right,
When it’s time to hold your stance and fight
When you don’t look back to dread your plight,
Fearless Thou shalt be!
When evil’s deed is unvanquished
When all good seems to have perished
When good almighty’s left ravished
Fearless Thou shalt be!
For darkness comes before the light
Victory comes as the hero’s right
Tarry not, Stand up and fight!
Fearless Thou shalt be!

That Which Wouldn't Mend

I wished for a friend in the darkest times,

A friend I wished to be,

As I drowned in my own fateful rhymes,

My thoughts weighed in on me

I felt too lost; too numb, I knelt,

I felt just as lonely,

As lonely as she must have felt,

The day she had left me

She’s Gone! She’s Gone! I said and wept,

My tears just knew no end,

My cries were soft, yet so well kept,

In a heart that would not mend

Time  thus passed like a silent curse,

My cries, I stifled out,

But things soon went from bad to worse,

My cries had turned to shouts

Maybe that’s why my pain was heard

And someone did respond,

Just when I thought my end had neared,

My life seemed like reborn!

I opened out, like I never could,

She made me feel consoled,

She watched me, like a mother would,

She watched my life unfold

Her open arms I sought and found,

I rested there and cried,

She brought me back to my rebound

Her love, personified!

She found in me what I had lost

My vision she restored,

What I thought could never mend,

With love, it had been cured

“She’s now too far” some say to me,

But that is so untrue,

For when I close my eyes and see,

I find her, true and true.
Dedicated to Nidhi, on her Birth Day
Happy Birth Day, Girl!


Where is the Alarm Bell?
Every day, we,
“Wake up” like Dead bodies
“Do” our daily duties,
“Stare” at heavenly beauties,
“Glare” at responsibilities!
“Feint” sorrow at other’s worries,
“Moan” at our God Damn Deities!
“Sign up” with the devil’s treaties,
“Scoff” at aspiring newbies!

Every day, we Do Not,
“Smile” at stranger’s Faces
“Cry” with genuine patience,
“Try” out new inclinations
“Resist” age old temptations,
“Pray” for liberation,
“reach” new destinations,
“Praise” genuine deliberations,
“Weigh” ramifications,
“Teach” interesting notions