In search of love, one pleasant day,
He set forth there, where true love lay;
He’d sought its silky charming spray,
With restless calm, and fretless sway

His walk was neither fast nor slow,
With a longing sight and a warming glow;
In his every step – persistence showed,
The wisdom etched on his handsome brow

They followed him in passion’d ways;

 Invigor’d by his awesome grace,
Inspired by his restless chase;
Of true compassion, through the haze
The tinkle of his voce once heard,
 True passion and true love it stirred;
Like the dawning song of a Robin bird,
Like the stamp of love on a new heart – Seared!

He’s now long gone, but still well known,
For the path of love that he’d once shown;
That path is still unchanged: unprone,
Like a beam of light, in darkness, thrown . . . . . .

WEll, Any suggestions? who was he?