Hi Everyone,

    I've been quite busy the last few months. . . . first, there was this College Fest which needed handling, and just as that was coming to a very successful end, the exams sneaked  up on my like they always do. Needless to say, i've been pretty much offline in the last 2 months and more, only twittering occasionally to some of my fellow tweeters. :)

    I'd love to thank Vinay  (Leo) for helping me out and posting my works when I myself could not. Good friends are hard to come by in today's world, and its little things like these that remind you of that fact, don't they?

    It's been quite a while since I visited any of the blogs that i have become so very attached to over the last year. Most of you guys are probably quite mad at me for this.  . . .(as Farah was Oh! so kind to remind me the other day, by offering to wring my neck! Such a sweet gesture.... :D ) Don't get me wrong! I am sure I deserve that, as its really been that long.

    Well, heres the deal. I'll make a comeback on 20th of june, 2009, and i'll visit EACH AND EVERY BLOG I've missed out on so far. So please forgive me and  wish me luck,

Coming Soon,
 To a Blogsite Near you!


till then heres what i think about the upcoming exams . . .