Down and Out and back soon!

Hi Everyone,

    I've been quite busy the last few months. . . . first, there was this College Fest which needed handling, and just as that was coming to a very successful end, the exams sneaked  up on my like they always do. Needless to say, i've been pretty much offline in the last 2 months and more, only twittering occasionally to some of my fellow tweeters. :)

    I'd love to thank Vinay  (Leo) for helping me out and posting my works when I myself could not. Good friends are hard to come by in today's world, and its little things like these that remind you of that fact, don't they?

    It's been quite a while since I visited any of the blogs that i have become so very attached to over the last year. Most of you guys are probably quite mad at me for this.  . . .(as Farah was Oh! so kind to remind me the other day, by offering to wring my neck! Such a sweet gesture.... :D ) Don't get me wrong! I am sure I deserve that, as its really been that long.

    Well, heres the deal. I'll make a comeback on 20th of june, 2009, and i'll visit EACH AND EVERY BLOG I've missed out on so far. So please forgive me and  wish me luck,

Coming Soon,
 To a Blogsite Near you!


till then heres what i think about the upcoming exams . . .

How Far Will You Go?

If your love was on the line,
Promises you had to keep,
If it was your truth, to shine,
And yet you sat to weep.

You tried some nifty tack,
To stem the teary flow,
You tried the best attack,
Without letting me know.

Your promises were dry,
Empty, unintended!
Your existence: a lie,
And your staunch stiff rules you mended!

At one crossroad of life,
If you had to let me go,
Answer me, as would a knife,
Just how far will you go?


Lost in your thoughts, I roam, insanely
In search of your sights, that looks unlikely
Looms ahead of me a future that is just as dark
Just as dark as my past, as lonely and stark

Doomed for all eternity, to miss your caress,
Fooled by my fate, into a life of distress
Tried and tested by a jury of ill luck
I gave up my stance, turned into a sitting duck

How is it that you came to be with me?
Was it destiny, or purely a mystery?
Why were you by my side at all?
Was it for me? Coz I was afraid to fall?

Did you come just to leave me later?
See how I’d wither? Become a hater?
Are you like one of those winds of fate?
With me for a while, and a little too late?

Published by Leo on behalf of RiverSoul