I raised my sights, a bit too late
Disentangled the self, from the ropes of fate
Tired, unearthly and filled with hate,
I start my climb to thee

As I float high above, the skies so vast
Blue birds, they speed into naught, so fast
In ascension, they remind me, of my true past,
As I rise High o’er the sea!

I see you now, on your golden throne,
From the cell wherein you’ve had me thrown
I now lament, “If only I’d known!!”
That this was meant for me!

My Heaven, My Hell, is all but one
I’m fried and strung, for the sin’s I’ve done
Now I repent, but time stops for none,
And I Struggle to break free

From point of view of a sinner, The world looks pretty pessimistic.

Note: RiverSoul is not back from his blogging break yet. It could be a while before he returns. This post is at the behest of me, Leo, to update Silent Recollections. It has been posted by me on his behalf, and I will be posting his works due to his lack of time and resources. Though the posting is by me, Leo, the work is an original RiverSoul creation.