I wished for a friend in the darkest times,

A friend I wished to be,

As I drowned in my own fateful rhymes,

My thoughts weighed in on me

I felt too lost; too numb, I knelt,

I felt just as lonely,

As lonely as she must have felt,

The day she had left me

She’s Gone! She’s Gone! I said and wept,

My tears just knew no end,

My cries were soft, yet so well kept,

In a heart that would not mend

Time  thus passed like a silent curse,

My cries, I stifled out,

But things soon went from bad to worse,

My cries had turned to shouts

Maybe that’s why my pain was heard

And someone did respond,

Just when I thought my end had neared,

My life seemed like reborn!

I opened out, like I never could,

She made me feel consoled,

She watched me, like a mother would,

She watched my life unfold

Her open arms I sought and found,

I rested there and cried,

She brought me back to my rebound

Her love, personified!

She found in me what I had lost

My vision she restored,

What I thought could never mend,

With love, it had been cured

“She’s now too far” some say to me,

But that is so untrue,

For when I close my eyes and see,

I find her, true and true.
Dedicated to Nidhi, on her Birth Day
Happy Birth Day, Girl!