I searched for you in the darkest corners,
I sought your warmth even in coldest coffers,
I longed for that ever slightest glimpse of your light,
Without ever stopping, never doubting my weak eyesight,
I made my way, through forests of fate,
I made my way to you, killing many monsters of hate
I paved the path of my righteous haste,
My struggle for you- I would never let it waste!
At last I reached a clearing in my life,
Where all could be seen, all but my strife,
I saw over there, on a hill you await,
Overseeing every step towards you I take
I climb up high, to see bask in your unbidden glory,
I sit beside your shadow, to reveal my sorry story
I look at you then, and realization dawns!
That you knew my story, as and when it was born!
You are the mirror of life, my inspiration,
You are the river of strife, my river of perspiration
I saw myself in you, my future and my past,
The light shone right through, revealing it to me,
at last!