Hot and steamy, I stand before you,
Smooth and creamy, like you wanted me to,
You stare at me, with longing lusty eyes,
Your demeanor too numb, as though made of ice!

You’re coming very close, swooping down on me,
You revere me, like a rose, come! Come and pick me!
I’m burning with all this heat, with liquid heat within,
With careful delicacy, sin-filled to the brim!

You take me with your hands, with moves: slow, Deliberate!
Your eyes scrutinize me, with love; so considerate!
I know that you’ll leave soon, having had your fill,
But not before you croon, your cravings unfulfilled!

You’ve almost drained me out, with your loving lips,
My time is running out, like one of those will-o-wisps
I leave you satiated, alert and enticed, for,
I’m your cappuccino, your mistress well disguised!