Hello there, guys!!
A small note bfore continuing. . . .
As many of you very well know, I have been experimenting quite a lot now in these hols with PhotoShop. Fiddling, I like to call it.
Well, now I have gone on and decided to do something of it. Make it a little bit more productive. I have started a blog for my little amateur artworks, and this blog is now ready to go public.
The blog is called iMaze…....
I request you guys give it a shot and do comment

It has been a while since I ever posted a poem online, so here’s one.

It’s been a while since I saw her smile,
And dance in harmony,
I’ve seen her cry her pretty eyes out
One time too many
Her Love she lost in saddened plight,
As evil fate would see,
I saw her tears run down her cheeks
In silent testimony
“She’s healed by now” I hoped to be
But that’s untrue I see
For she has shunned us me out her life,
Like a pecker does it’s tree
It hurts me too to know her plight
And still sit quite carefree
It hits me when I see her smile
While inwardly she bleeds
I hope she finds herself again,
Her old spirited smile
For that’s what I patiently wait
Her love could go a mile!

Dont even ask where that came from!
Just me and my silly rhymes. . . . I guess  . . .
Second Pic: "Untill My Dying Day" by Maxinne Marie