Lost in your thoughts, I roam, insanely
In search of your sights, that looks unlikely
Looms ahead of me a future that is just as dark
Just as dark as my past, as lonely and stark

Doomed for all eternity, to miss your caress,
Fooled by my fate, into a life of distress
Tried and tested by a jury of ill luck
I gave up my stance, turned into a sitting duck

How is it that you came to be with me?
Was it destiny, or purely a mystery?
Why were you by my side at all?
Was it for me? Coz I was afraid to fall?

Did you come just to leave me later?
See how I’d wither? Become a hater?
Are you like one of those winds of fate?
With me for a while, and a little too late?

P.S.: Advanced Happy Republic Day To Y'All!!