Do You Remember?

Do you remember, my dearest friend?
That September day?
The day when rain Gods sorely wept,
That day you crossed my way?

Hark back to those midsummer rains,
Which soaked us through and through!
Those lovely drops of dancing grains,
Our way that nature threw!

Do you remember our one resolve?
“To stick” didn’t we intend?
As well as grains of salt dissolve,
Their way in water’s blend?

Aren’t you reminded of those times?
Those times we tried to fight?
Those times we ended up on knees,
And praised each other’s might?

You must remind yourself of me,
Even if I’m now long gone,
For each is on the other’s side,
Right where we do belong . . .

Through the mirror, Dawned My Day

I searched for you in the darkest corners,
I sought your warmth even in coldest coffers,
I longed for that ever slightest glimpse of your light,
Without ever stopping, never doubting my weak eyesight,
I made my way, through forests of fate,
I made my way to you, killing many monsters of hate
I paved the path of my righteous haste,
My struggle for you- I would never let it waste!
At last I reached a clearing in my life,
Where all could be seen, all but my strife,
I saw over there, on a hill you await,
Overseeing every step towards you I take
I climb up high, to see bask in your unbidden glory,
I sit beside your shadow, to reveal my sorry story
I look at you then, and realization dawns!
That you knew my story, as and when it was born!
You are the mirror of life, my inspiration,
You are the river of strife, my river of perspiration
I saw myself in you, my future and my past,
The light shone right through, revealing it to me,
at last!

Lost in your Thoughts

Lost in your thoughts, I roam, insanely
In search of your sights, that looks unlikely
Looms ahead of me a future that is just as dark
Just as dark as my past, as lonely and stark

Doomed for all eternity, to miss your caress,
Fooled by my fate, into a life of distress
Tried and tested by a jury of ill luck
I gave up my stance, turned into a sitting duck

How is it that you came to be with me?
Was it destiny, or purely a mystery?
Why were you by my side at all?
Was it for me? Coz I was afraid to fall?

Did you come just to leave me later?
See how I’d wither? Become a hater?
Are you like one of those winds of fate?
With me for a while, and a little too late?

P.S.: Advanced Happy Republic Day To Y'All!!

For You, I Pine

How much more harsh have I got to be?

Why does your heartless soul not see?

I’ve tried my best to get you right,

But as ever you find no love in me

I talked the talk that leads us here,

My mind’s too numb; too cold; unclear,

We have to part that’s what you choose,

But you left me with a haunting fear

How can I not remember thee?

Your wistful smile, my heartfelt glee;

Your twisted locks that ‘twined my heart,

And yet you tore my heart off me

My life is hell, without your smile,

It hurts inside, for the loss is mine,

I want you back, don’t you see the truth?

You’re the one I crave; you’re the one I pine. . . .

Sin Filled . . . .

Hot and steamy, I stand before you,
Smooth and creamy, like you wanted me to,
You stare at me, with longing lusty eyes,
Your demeanor too numb, as though made of ice!

You’re coming very close, swooping down on me,
You revere me, like a rose, come! Come and pick me!
I’m burning with all this heat, with liquid heat within,
With careful delicacy, sin-filled to the brim!

You take me with your hands, with moves: slow, Deliberate!
Your eyes scrutinize me, with love; so considerate!
I know that you’ll leave soon, having had your fill,
But not before you croon, your cravings unfulfilled!

You’ve almost drained me out, with your loving lips,
My time is running out, like one of those will-o-wisps
I leave you satiated, alert and enticed, for,
I’m your cappuccino, your mistress well disguised!



Arms Wide Open

When the fruits of my repentance,
Are ripened well by time,
When all my faults and errors
Are tested and retried,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
Welcoming your stride

When all the drops of water
Have dried up from the seas,
With all my sins forgiven,
I’ll do just the things I please,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
In honor of your pleas!

When love has once more blossomed
In your heart for me,
Your blindness will have lessened
Enough for you to see,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
For you’ll come back to me.
pic credit : Google

A Promise Kept

Hey There People!!
The story Below is my Entry to the Ascension Short Story Contest taking place at Clarity of Night.
Would Love to have your Feedback on it
A Promise Kept
  I rushed to the ICU ward of the Hospital as fast as my legs could carry me. It was almost daybreak. Twenty minutes ago, I had received the doctor’s call, confirming that the time had now come. That which I had been dreading; that which I had hoped would never happen; had now come to pass.
Like the dog afraid of his own shadow, I ran towards her.
    The ward came to view. Like a pale ghost, I slowed down to a standstill. The door was ajar. She was looking right at me.
    She seemed to be looking right through me, as though she knew of every thought and emotion tormenting my mind. She had that smile on her face; that carefree smile that even months of chemotherapy had failed to wipe out. Her smile seemed to be telling me something.
But I just couldn’t place it.
     The doctor came out just then. With an apologetic voice, he said “I’m so sorry, son. She succumbed just a few minutes ago. A brave fighter. God rest her soul.”
He walked away.
Terror tore at me and my insides seemed to shrivel up.
“That means . . . . . her eyes . . . . . Oh God!”
She knew I’d come. She kept waiting for me till the very end. Tears leaked out of my eyes. But I held strong. I kept her promise.  I never cried.
And I realized that she knew it.
 Her smile told me that.

Here's the Link to my story at the Clarity of Night

Yayy!!! I crawled up to Number 4!!

Hey Guys!
I made it to the fourth place in the Rain Drenched Lounge!!! Story Competition!!
Here's the results!

My story was included in the 6 stories (out of the 31) considered for the award!

 Technically that means nothing really, as there were places only for 3 winners :P
But the fact that my story was good enough to be even considered for a prize, is an honour enough for me
But i did get a participation Badge

Thanks to Stephen (The Solitary Writer) and to the Judge, Preeti Shenoy

Lost . . . .

Hello there, guys!!
A small note bfore continuing. . . .
As many of you very well know, I have been experimenting quite a lot now in these hols with PhotoShop. Fiddling, I like to call it.
Well, now I have gone on and decided to do something of it. Make it a little bit more productive. I have started a blog for my little amateur artworks, and this blog is now ready to go public.
The blog is called iMaze…....
I request you guys give it a shot and do comment

It has been a while since I ever posted a poem online, so here’s one.

It’s been a while since I saw her smile,
And dance in harmony,
I’ve seen her cry her pretty eyes out
One time too many
Her Love she lost in saddened plight,
As evil fate would see,
I saw her tears run down her cheeks
In silent testimony
“She’s healed by now” I hoped to be
But that’s untrue I see
For she has shunned us me out her life,
Like a pecker does it’s tree
It hurts me too to know her plight
And still sit quite carefree
It hits me when I see her smile
While inwardly she bleeds
I hope she finds herself again,
Her old spirited smile
For that’s what I patiently wait
Her love could go a mile!

Dont even ask where that came from!
Just me and my silly rhymes. . . . I guess  . . .
Second Pic: "Untill My Dying Day" by Maxinne Marie

For Her Right

Sifting through forsaken lands,
I've found a gemstone bright,
For her true rights she chose to stand
And fought against her plight

Her soul redeemed, at morrow's hands
Her spirit set aflame,
For freedom, for her life she stands
She's forgone the old blame game

My most respect she draws from me,
I seek her kindly grace,
Her lively spark, much means to thee,
Her ever-loving embrace.....

PS this is an old poem i wrote in my 6th grade. Perusing through my old diary.