The Forsaken Life

Firstly, Happy Diwali to Every One of you.

While Everyone Lights a Lamp Tonight, I however, have sad tale to tell. My poem isn't exactly festive, but its an attempt to describe what is going on in the hearts of some unfortunate souls.
 I write this to remind my friends ..... to spare a thought for those few, who are unable to muster up enough happiness from within to light up their lives on this festive occasion. While the World celebrates the end of a monster, They hide alone, grief striken, in a dark corner, where a different monster eats them up. The festive happy faces of other, more fortunate ones, seem to mock their very existnce.

Terminal Illness can be such a killer!

Pain, Anger, rising up like an inferno,
Eyes Blinded with tears, Unknown to the flow
Lost in hatred and injustice in my life
Hurt and Bleeding, in unimaginable Strife

Talents unrealized, potential lost; wasted
So loveless, kicked around, feeling used and tasted
Is this what I’m meant to be? A tool to be recycled?
Mixed with the hopeless, confused and molested?

Evil surrounds me, unrelenting and merciless
Where’s your God now? They ask me; Now, I’m faithless
Look around, your end is drawing closer
Say Goodbye to life, its called u such a loser

How nice to roast on coals so red hot?
Keep glaring at you till my worthless eyes rot?
You keep taking the unfair advantage
 Htred leaves me this legacy of my bad fate

Friends lost, staying all alone now,
Biding time till my hourglass tells me to stop
Death now seems my lesser evil, closer friend
Forsaken love; goodbye to all, my brethren………

This is a small piece i wrote when I was in denial mode yesterday. Then I realised that it sums up everything that might be going on in the mind of the poor soul who just found out that he had a terminal illness......
Inspired, subconciously, by Ayushi in her thought provoking post...
Thank you, Ayu.

Justice! Yes... But When?

Why did People not see?
Why was it meant to be?
Why was shame everywhere?
Why did there rise despair?

Did my love ever know such bounds?
No one ever heard my silent sounds
Why was I lost in the haze?
Why have the hounds stopped the chase?

Why has hope let go of my hand?
I know not where I truly stand
With towering infernos of mistrust and hate,
Even I know not where rests my Fate,

Won’t they let me rest in peace?
Wont they let my passing ease?
Wont my demons haunt their lives?
Wont my sadness gloom their eyes?
I’ve noticed many criminal cases…. Some have been solved - after Years of fruitless search…
However, Thousands remain unsolved – These are cases which The Police/Govt., 
are as clueless about, as bystanders like us usually are.
This piece is for one such case that has baffled the Nation’s best crime fighters, the CBI.
Yea, I know what some of you are thinking…. Why now? And Why at all?
I have only One Answer… Or more like a question…
If Not Now, Then When?
If Not Me, Then Who?
Many times, I’ve been stumped by this question.
Have you?
pic credits: Google and Rupa Abdi

What’s your Faith?

In my heart of hearts, this question creeps
It’s answer known to none
Why do thou ask me of my faith?
My heart burns like the sun

“My blood is pure, as is yours too!”
I scream out through the pain,
There’s none too high and naught too low
There’s only loss and gain,

We search for truth in separate means,
On every hill and creek
Although we blindly fail to glean;
One answer both we seek!

For different Faiths we follow, true,

Our morrows are at stake
Why live at risk of imminent doom?
Why live a life thats fake?

Why make such farce as caste o brother?
Why distinguish in men?
Mix your blood with mine, O brother
Pray, distinguish then?

Why not try and love one another?
Why not share and bear?
Why not harbor faith in the other?
Why suspicions Flare?

Its time for peace, not war my brother
For love you stand to gain
Which God ever asks to spill thy blood?
And pass out from the pain?

True godliness demands no power
Demons do lead astray
The path of God; love has discovered,
Let us lead the way


A Withering Rose....


In the midst of the pure; among the godly,
There lies a demon, biding his time
Licking his lips, he feeds on all things ghastly
Sharpening his claws, he is plotting his crime
His eyes! They seek not the goodness,
Neither he lingers on charms
He craves for one chance; one weakness
His eyes are trained only on fawn

His schemes! Ever always repugnant
His deeds can be counted too foul
He preys on those young and innocent
Who he chances upon on his prowl

Reflect, on the victim, young and silent,
What God would forsake her this way?
Her eyes were wide; witnessing the violent,
Why was her life turning grey?

Was this her fate? To be manhandled
Was all this what she had to bear?
Her questions still lie; all unanswered
She silently wipes out a tear…

Child Abuse, is one of the most
 Heinous Crimes any human could ever dream of stooping to do.
 Its our time now. Its our choice to put an end to it.
Do we stand United?
pic credit: Google Inc.

A blinded Vision?

His ways have stood the test of time
So has his chosen path inclined,
His godly charm and playful rhyme,
Have gone up; high and shined!
His spoken words were fiery, few!
His words have left them black and blue;
His one man army fast and true,
Many a monster slew!
His speedy walk once roused us all,
He took our hand and stopped our fall,
Our sights he raised, above all tall,
Our burdens turned too small.
He walked this land many years ago,
He lent a hand and never let go,
But ask yourselves, and your ego,
His help didn’t you forgo?
His spirit now weeps at the state of life,
His trust betrayed, by hate’s own knife
Its us, towards whom, he now sets his sight,
To save Her from this plight!!

A tribute to the Father of our Nation....

And A question to You Guys.....
Speak from your heart,
Do you think Gandhian Principles still hold good in today's Cut-Throat World?
If Yes, Why?