Take away. . . my pain

As I sit by the speaking tree,
A gentle breeze caresses me
A youthfull shadow from my past,
Makes me cry out loud at last.

I feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Dont feel no loss, dont feel no gain,
The good old sky speaks out again,
The shadows gone; I feel the rain.

It drops down with a cooling feel,
It mixes with my tears; I kneel.
I think about the loss; I reel,
The pain is back, but i want to heal. . .

What lies beyond the pain, I ask,
Is this too much? Too hard a task?
Thats when i hear the gentle voice
"Its of the tree!" I realise.

It speaks to me and turns me calm,
Its gentle voice soothes like a balm,
It drops a fruit into my palm
Guides me from the way of harm.

The rain is gone, and so's the pain,
I feel that i am born again,
The shadow's back, it hurts no more,
And I go to sleep with a gentle snore!

- SoulReaver

The Tribal Fortune

The man wanted to travel far
But knew not where to go,
He set sail with a crew of men
From the shore of Amerigo.

He reached an isle, old and good
But totally deserted it sure looked
Then an arrow flew rite out
And passed through skulls of two!

The crew set sail, shitless scared,
And just sailed back to home,
But in their haste they made a turn
And found themselves in Rome!

The man now lay on the old sea shore,
About to just go waste,
A tribal girl just saw him there
And made her way in haste!

She cared for him and quite she helped
To bring him back to life,
Then she saw that one fine day
He just sat up alive!

He thanked her much for doing so
For bringing him her home,
He was just so gratefull that
He then thanked her some more!

Once he was standing on a raft,
The wood just gave away,
And he fell right in the drink,
Got almost washed away!

When he was being pulled back up,
He saw something he knew,
He told them all to shut rite up
And listen to his news!

When he told them what he saw
They jumped right up in joy,
And then the gold was brought back up,
By 3 or 4 young boys!

The days flew by and soon he felt
it was time to leave,
He begged for leave at the chieftain's side
They begged him not to leave!

But he heard them naught he pressed his side
And they had to agree,
And he set sail back to his land
In joyous reverie!

He reached his land like a mighty man,
And his crew came to his feet, he had them Flogged for one whole day
then had them fed to bees!

His tales are told even now by men
Of valor and of guts,
They told us all that they had seen
None else of his status.

He lived a life of peace and gain
But let the truth be told,
He was last seen near a port
And same went for his gold!;)

- SoulReaver

P.S - this was written yrs ago wen i was still in school, in my 8th grade.


so sweet a cousin

There's a little girl I know about
Who is very very sweet,
Though she is very naughty,
She is also pretty sleek.
People ask about her,
"who is she wheres she from?"
I'd give them all one answer,
"She's my sister from the town!"
She is very inquisitive,
She asks us questions tricky,
To get her answers we've got to
Search quickly the wikis!

Live free and now breathe easy,
She's not here in this town,
Dont ever be unweary, coz,
She'll be here by Sun Down!
- SoulReaver

PS i wrote this one wen i was in bang... In 9th Standard. :)

Pain and sorrow

I asked God one fine morning,
Why make pain to bother about?
Why open pandora's box,
If You want us Happy throughout?

If pain and sorrow existed not,
And life was free for those who sought,
With all our hearts we'd pray to You,
And feel Your presence in all things true?

Then why have pain and evil sorrow,
Why bring fear of ones tomorrow?
Them why let us not just live our life
Without a worry; a tear or strife?"

He seemed to take no great a time,
He smiled and gestured; His eyes sought mine,
"if pain and sorrow were not to be,
And life was a thing truly easy,
Would u have learnt to love so true?
Have learnt the "happiness" virtue?"

"listen O Son," said He at hand,
Love and pain go hand in hand,
Without the pain, there is no gain,
And your every venture will be in vain."

"Let go of pain, Dwell not too much,
Beyond the pain lies your true aim,
For all the pain and all your sorrow,
Were only to help to shape your tomorrow."

Love ur life, and do not strife,
Live your life to the last of your morrows,
Be true to self, Be free in your quests,
For pain and sorrow are nothing but tests!

- SoulReaver

The Reckoning

I walk upon the sands of time
Thinking of the morrow,
What lies in the distant dunes,
Time will only tell tomorrow
Survived this long without a goal
Life has been a sorrow
The road to hell or the gates of pearl
I know not what will follow
Many a hair of mine gone grey
By worry and by sorrow
The time i lost is gone for good
More I Wish I could borrow
Enough of pain! I told myself,
This life is mine to reckon
The solution of my stress is here,
Round the corner, There! It beckons...

And now its time I spread my wings
The phoenix i will follow,
Be born again, be free again
I'll shape my own tomorrow

- SoulReaver

Silent Recollections

"A strange silence lay heavy in the depths of my calm and content mind. It whispered to me, calling up dormant memories and desires.It beckoned me to enter into that Long lost world I had left far behind....Once again...Forever"

These recollections are some of my most oldest attempts at achieving the poetic plane of freedom.They were fermenting in a far corner of my brain and needed only a catalyst to come back out. Thanks Vinu, for being that potent catalyst which none ever could be.