The Day The Rain God Smiled... A little Too widely( :( )

It was the day of reckoning. Ramu had hoped this day would never come. But had seen, with mounting dread in his heart, the tall yet swarthy mustached man go on and on about it all on master’s television screen about 3 days ago.

The master was a great man, thought Ramu. Who else in this large city would have taken a village boy into their house for work and to earn their keep?

At least this is better than staying in the village and dying of hunger, like his elder brother chose. The villagers had suffered worst from the draught. They’d done every possible pooja, (some sacrifices too) but to no avail.

Untill 2 weeks ago.

It had rained. It had rained cats and dogs, like it was the most natural thing to happen after 10 long years of draught. But it did not stop! It kept pouring like INDRA was paying them for their patience, with interest, all at once. As though he was trying to make up for what he’d missed in the past decade.

At first, they thought it to be a blessing. They started getting uneasy however, once the dam, the dry bed of thorny bushes, began to actually overflow.

Suddenly, it all seemed to be more a curse than a blessing.

Ramu’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the name Saharanpur. Almost cricking his neck, he turned to see the sight on the screen that he would never forget.

He was looking at the areal view of a tiny village.. or whatever was left of it. Bits of rubble, A roofless house, a trunk floating on the enormous expanse of water…. Ramu turned away.

But that did not stop his ears from listening to what the reporter was saying:

“….village was completely washed off. It was the only village that stood directly in the path of the water when the dam broke. There are only a handful of survivors. The CM has promised to visit soon. The authorities are still trying to figure out why the dam did not hold through this unseasonal rain when it successfully braved the earthquake last year….”

“You can’t ever trust those damned fools to do anything right, those fools. It’s too late now, boy, you go to sleep now. “

A tear dropped down Ramu’s cheek, just as the rain started splattering the window panes…..

word count : 398

My first attempt guys