When the time is lost, and you’re lost in pain,
All you spy is dust, you’re drenched in rain
Remember my words, for they speak to you,
For your eyes ‘lone, sincere and true

You saw death grab him in your own backyard
In the play called life, as a hero he starred
And today you miss his loving embrace
In every nook and corner you seek his trace

Every passing moment reminds you of him
Every small resentment, every little whim
Every little victory with him by your side
Now so overwhelming, your calls for him denied!

Know this, little princess, I’m never far away
He whom you thought lost, is forever here to stay
What you saw, was a trifle, for I’ve never gone,
The soul, is ever deathless, but to death does life belong.

Of me, when you’re reminded, you’ll always find me there
But remember; make sure I never find, ever on you a tear
For some day in the distance, we will meet again, in Rhyme,
We’ll sit together, that instance, and test the strength of time!

This is a dedication To Two Wonderful People.
Both have lost a Loved One.
Both Pine for their losses.

I dedicate this to Princess DeeDee, and to a personal friend.