Around half a year ago, I happened to receive a call from one of my very good friends from college days (One of very few, now that I come to think of it…). We chatted around, about old times, and then something pleasant happened. We found out that we both harbored a passion for a thing of beauty. Poetry, we called it.
And then, he said, “Hey! Why don’t you publish them on the Internet, Like I did?”
That was the opener for me. For Silent Recollections. And that’s how Vinay, a budding poet, writer, engineer-to-be, and most importantly, a very good friend of mine…. Heck, The best friend I have, managed to fill up enough inspiration into lazy old me to create this blog.
But that’s not all that Leo deserves credit for.
I have been going through a pretty hard time this year through, and Vinay has been like a life support system for me, literally.
Leo, I could never thank you enough, mate.
You’re the divine intervention that saved my fate,
Don’t wanna let go of you, at any rate,
Coz you taught me the meaning of “Never too late”!
It’s been a journey past compare! I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but none have ever even come close to this. Today, I post my 5oth post at Silent Recollections. It’s a sweet moment, and Its time to do something that I’ve been putting off for quite some time now.
Last Christmas, I’d never envisioned even in the wildest of my dreams that I’d be a “somebody” out here online. Today, the ghost of an alternative reality haunts me more than ever. It’s been a great time here, and I’ve got a lot of thanking to do.
You see, I had my birthday on the 5th of this month (As you guys very well know!!), but since the exams were on, I did not get down to celebrating it . So, today, Its going to be a double celebration Party!!!
But before that, let me say something that’s been bugging my mind. The Mumbai disaster has opened many eyes, and that’s most visible in the world of bloggers. I’d like to thank Everyone here, who raised their voices in their own ways, as and when possible, to condemn terrorism. Remember, that we are the future,  and so to see a change in our future, we must ourselves change.
I made this plaque, as a reminder and a declaration, against terrorism. I’d be much obliged if you guys put this up on your blogs, and passed it on to the others too.
Quite a number of times, I was awarded appreciative awards from people, which I could never pass on due to time constraints. I got many gifts from readers and well wishers and well wishing readers alike! So its time to declare those assets!!! :D
I got These Awards from Princess DeeDee!, God Bless her!!
(You know you deserve these awards twice over, DeeDee! so it’d be silly to mention you as a recipient!)
If you haven’t received these awards before, then please do accept them!  If you guys have already received these, please accept it again anyway!!
The  “Your Comments Create Magic” Award!!
This One, I pass on to Trinaa, Divya,  Leonardo (Vinay), and  Rhiannon Coz they always manage to really understand and accurately interpret my posts!
The “I Love Your Blog” Award
Goes to Diana, Winnie, Vozz, Farah, Nan, Mayz, Divya, Preetilata and Crystal!

The “This Blogger is Truly Sweet” Award 
I pass this one on to Anwesa, Mithe, Trinaa, Leo, Winnie, Vinzz, Priya  Lena and Bhawana, coz they deserve it more than I do.

The “Roar for Powerful Words” Award
This one goes to Express, Nivedita, Mampiji, Diana and Mayz, for being such good writers.

The “You have my heart award”
To Trinaa, Priya, Winnie, Divya, Vozz, Rhiannon, Preetilata and Mithe!

The “Winning Attitude” Award
Definitely goes to Leo, Trinaa, Rhiannon, Winnie and Solitary Steve!

The ”You Make My Day” Award
Deserved by: Leo, Mayz, Diana, Pranav  and Prashant Sree!

Best Blogging Buddies!
I really couldn’t single out anyone who deserved it more than the rest of you guys do. So, this one goes to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my blogging friends out there, who are priceless and amazing in many a unique way!
The “Thanks for Writing” Award 
Surely Goes to How Do We Know, Crystal, Express, Stephen, Trinaa, PreetiLata, Mampiji and Mayz, for the awesome posts they dish out every time
This Award was given to me by Stephen : “The Thoughtful Blogger” Award,
Thanks, mate,
This one goes to: Crystal, Lena, Princess DeeDee, Prashant Sree, Diana and Rhiannon!

“The Lovely Blogger” Award
This Award was given to me by Lena. Thanks Lena!
This Goes to : Princess DeeDee,  Leo, Pranav, Preetilata, and Rhiannon!

The “ButterFly” Award!
I got this one from Priya, Mithe, Leo and Trinaa!
Thanks a lot You Guys!!!
Goes to Divya, Diana, Princess DeeDee and Crystal!

“The Proximity” Award 
This one was ararded to me by Leo and Trinaa!
Thanks you guys!!
Goes to Priya, Vozz, Winnie and Mithe!

I received many gifts from some amazing bloggers:-
These were from Crystal (The Prodigious 13 year old!)
These were from Mayank, a gr8 blogger and amayzing friend!
Now that’s not all!
Its Christmas time! Its not just about receiving, its about giving too! So, after having received all these awards, I decided to gift some of my own creations to the people who deserve the best of the best!
To ALL my Blogging Buddies!
To  the Cutest gals of BloggerLand!
Exclusively to a Special Princess!
To Leo, Farah, Trinaa, Lena, DeeDee, Crystal, Rhiannon, Diana, Mayz, Preetilata, Divya and to Stephen
Specially to Mayzz!!
:D Because everyone is gifting him crystals! Here’s mine!
 Merry Christmas To EveryOne! 
Happy New Year too!!