Its been a while, my friends, and I seek your forgiveness. To tell the truth, I’ve been going through a rough spot on the road called life…..Exams do that to every one …. But things are now looking up.
Its been a surreal experience, and I've Loved it.
I’m thankful to Leo, for his unwavering support and friendship. I couldn’t thank him enough. Coz without him, I’d be …… to be frank, I’d not BE at all!!
I’ve turned 21 today…… sounds incredible to me, really, and I’ve got many instances that indicated to me, that I’d not see this day. But here I am!!!

My exams are almost throttling me here, so I wont be online for a while.... But if I find the time, you'll find my comments here or there....

And I’m Thankful.

Now, I’ve got a small ode to everyone I've met in the wonderful Land of Blogger!. . . . .

The Reason I’m Alive………

I’ve asked this question many a time
Now I put it to you, through a rhyme
Answer my question, or mime my crime
Tell me why I’m still alive….

I’ve seen many a rusty Day
I’ve seen the birds flight from far, far away
I’ve felt the raindrops slither and spray
But never was my query answered… Till Today!

There were many rainy days; many nights of cynicism
Many doubtful voices, many sounds of skepticism
But there also was this strength- this lone voice of enthusiasm
It answered my question, removed all strains of reservation

Today, I’ve seen the end of my harrow,
A way to break right through the sorrow
A path to follow, A vision to borrow
I’ve seen myself ….in the arms of tomorrow

- RiverSoul

And Now A dedication from my Favorite Bloggers Two!
Princess DeeDee and Vinay!!
Thanks a lot for this, guys!!!

Princess DeeDee had this to say for me!!

A few years ago on this very same day was born…a smile! Yup, Sid for me is a smile…that shows up on your face and mine.

My first impression of him- wow! This one's such a happy guy, must be very much contended with life! Wish I were like him.

For a person of his ability, Sid is quite modest. This I had known when I came to his blog for the first time. Obviously had to blogroll him, to know the other side of his happy self.

As time passed, his blog gave me an odd feeling that there's a different side to this smiling guy. A little depressing one. But tell me how many of us manage to smile and also bring it on others faces even when we are sad? How many of us can hide our emotions and still keep that smile glowing on our faces?  Sid does it; at least he makes me feel so.

Each time I see his rhyming comments on my blog I say to Lena- "Janu, Sid is soo cute, he never fails to make me smile. Go read his comment NOW!

Lena could never agree more on that.

You might get a hundred comments on your blog. Some sweet, some very sweet but a few comments have the power of leaving lasting effects.  They come flashing by your mind even after you switch of your computer! Such are sid's comments. They make me smile while reading and even after.

Sid, you are like a baby to me coz you bring as much happiness as a just-born baby does. One among those people who make my life EASY. And maybe….not JUST mine!

So keep smiling always coz when you do…even we do ;) and I know you would always want us to smile.

I know its time for smiles and maybe you're being a lil emotional (Considering that you become teary-eyed very easily ;) ) but I know sometime later when you remember this post (maybe on your next birthday!!), you will smile :).

By the way, best of luck for your exams. Take short breaks in between and study without losing heart…after all exams don't last forever but they do give us one momentous life ;)

Happy Happy Birthday :)

This is what Vinay had to Say!

A score and a year ago,
was born this guy, riversoul,
the world wasn't to know,
it had got a brilliant mind so.

fifteen years, it took us to meet,
for a poetic friendship, to be complete,
always ready to compete,
a perfect candidate, for an assembly seat.

a genius, in his own right,
he used to study, through the night,
leaving his friendship would be a plight,
always be there, to help you out of spots tight.

little normal, little mad,
little happy, little sad,
of his friendship, i am glad.

in blogger, he is a star,
wonders, thats what his poems are,
glad he came, to blogging right,
his words, powerful, inspiring slight.

on his birthday, i wish him joy,
many more poems, let him pen,
for his dreams, to come true,
i wish, in our next lives too,
let our friendship bloom again.

I couldn't thank you guys enough Ever!!!!!

Thats Gotta be the best gift i ever got!!

And here is a pic of me to Remember me by!!!