Within the churning sea of thoughts
within the deepest well of sorts
beyond the calm Tranquility
Beyond the thoughtful eyes that see
My mind does yearn to feel the love
That spark of fire; that treasure trove!
My heart does leap, when the lightning strikes!
Far beyond my charming Skies
Do they lie where the eyes cant see?
Does their dawn hold the same mystery?
Does their life hold as much love,
As much we hold for our one true loves?
The truth - It lies beyond our lives,
Beyond the traps laid down by lies,
The handsome dawn will break the ice
And show the path through darkness' plight

Haven’t you ever wondered, about the skies far above us, where the stars twinkling merrily, as though they know something we don’t?
Doesn’t it strike you, that among the millions of planets and stars out there just beyond our reach, lies some entity that is looking down upon us? No, I’m not talking about Gods.
I’m talking about the beings that are so wrongly called Aliens….. Extra terrestrial, we call them.
How can we prove that we ourselves aren’t aliens to our Earth?
Well, speaking like an outsider, I can honestly say that we are definitely not treating the earth like our home….. are we? Neglected – That’s the word that describes our Earth the best.

Can any one of you imagine what we (Mankind) would look like to a visiting alien?
To be blasé, we’d just look like a horrible infestation of lice, on a beautiful planet that was once as blue as ever. An unsightly blemish upon the face of the earth… that’s what our concrete jungles would resemble.
What would the sorry sight signify?
Nothing but a Dying Planet.