I’ve been in search of a dawning bliss
A silent truth that I have missed
A truth that cleanses all my sins
A truth beyond degrade

I’ve searched for it o’er raging storms
Stealthy sands and bright lit morns
Fiery mounts that lay so torn
My passion un-betrayed!

I’ve dreamed of this throughout my time
Felt the sadness; seen the crime
I’ve knelt among the worthless grime
Highly Unafraid!

Whenever I find my eyes in bind
A friendly voice I’d always find
Deep within my sordid mind
Calming, Yet so brave!

When darkness claims me – Leaves me pale,
When selfish deeds have well been weighed
My Lord will smile and lift the Veil
The veil that darkness made!

Pic Credit: Dawning Bliss by Itinerant