Our Wrath Incurred...

The city turned afire, innocence lost,
Like bodies upon the pyre, unceremoniously tossed,
You put humankind to shame, your priorities up for grabs,
You have none else to blame, its time to clear the trap

Lowliest of the low, empowered with guns,
You rampaged upon your whims, oh evil unworthy ones
You have struck again, but no more do we sorrow
Our hearts are all aflame; we leave you no time to borrow

We pity your lives, oh murkiest of grime,
Your numbers are too swollen, too submerged in crime
You fight for a cause that only a demon could think up
Your insignificance pronounced, by the ways that you've fucked up.

Your end shall soon be nigh, do keep this in mind,
My blood you have spilled; I shall repay in kind,
I’ve waited long enough, diplomacy be damned!
Its time to bring you down, with all you have in mind

My silence will break, for my heart you have broken,
And you’ll be WORSE than dead, once we’ve finally spoken
I promise you this; my anger won’t lessen
Not until you have learnt your final lesson

Today, many have lost their loved ones. Many have felt the rude reallity that is becoming India.
My condolences to all those wronged families.

Once more, today, we find ourselves asking the same, age old question….. When will this end? Will we ever be able to breathe freely in our own country, without the incessant fears of having our heads and bodies blown off into non-existence if ever we had the nerve to step out of our houses?
When will parents be able to send their children confidently without fear, to watch the occasional new movie that’s hit the theatres? When will a wife be able to confidently say, without doubts that her husband (who has a job with the police) is safe and will be coming home for dinner?
Where has the “free” part of our “Free Country” gone to?
A couple of days back, terror struck again, putting the whole nation onto tenterhooks. We saw with our own eyes, the destruction 20 demonic brainwashed psychopaths caused within 6 hours. Where do we stand now?

Somewhere out there, a really demonic entity is laughing its head off. At our inability to reply to their atrocities.

When will the common man’s life become terror free? When will come the day, when Headlines will read: “India Replies to Terror, and How!”? When, will we finally wake up and answer the taunts that terrorists are so easily executing right under our very noses?


Its high time to wake up.
Hope someone in the higher echelon is listening.

Hope, however has not died. We have seen, as Mayz puts it, the wounded city springing back, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I salute the citizens of Mumbai.
Leo's views on the same: A Moment Of Silence... 
P.S.: Everyone, please forgive my absence from the blogosphere for the nxt 15 days, from december 3rd. The Exams,(with a bit of help from my dear guardians,) have transpired to kill my internet connection!

On the 5th of december, a post will be auto published on my blog. Don't miss it!


Pic Credit goes to AFP.

Sifting through your mind

Within the churning sea of thoughts
within the deepest well of sorts
beyond the calm Tranquility
Beyond the thoughtful eyes that see
My mind does yearn to feel the love
That spark of fire; that treasure trove!
My heart does leap, when the lightning strikes!
Far beyond my charming Skies
Do they lie where the eyes cant see?
Does their dawn hold the same mystery?
Does their life hold as much love,
As much we hold for our one true loves?
The truth - It lies beyond our lives,
Beyond the traps laid down by lies,
The handsome dawn will break the ice
And show the path through darkness' plight

Haven’t you ever wondered, about the skies far above us, where the stars twinkling merrily, as though they know something we don’t?
Doesn’t it strike you, that among the millions of planets and stars out there just beyond our reach, lies some entity that is looking down upon us? No, I’m not talking about Gods.
I’m talking about the beings that are so wrongly called Aliens….. Extra terrestrial, we call them.
How can we prove that we ourselves aren’t aliens to our Earth?
Well, speaking like an outsider, I can honestly say that we are definitely not treating the earth like our home….. are we? Neglected – That’s the word that describes our Earth the best.

Can any one of you imagine what we (Mankind) would look like to a visiting alien?
To be blasé, we’d just look like a horrible infestation of lice, on a beautiful planet that was once as blue as ever. An unsightly blemish upon the face of the earth… that’s what our concrete jungles would resemble.
What would the sorry sight signify?
Nothing but a Dying Planet.

Sleepless Nights!!!

Yesternight, I was not feeling too sleepy. Actually, I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all!. So I did what I always do when I’m bored….. I decided to bore Leo! :D

He was watching the cricket match when He got My Message

Sid: What are You Up to?

Vinay: Am Watching match…..

Sid: Oh! I was wondering why I didn’t hear from you….

Vinay: I thought you were busy studying so didn’t msg….

Sid: I’m never BUSY and STUDYING at the same time!!

Leo: ??????

Leo: Ok. not sleepy tonite?

Sid: Nope L

Leo: Me Neither….

Sid Hmmmm… How about composing a poem together? :D

Leo: No Thanks….

Sid: We can call it sleepless Nights! And Why not?

Leo: Because I’m Tired….

Sid: Gr8. Just Gr8. You’re a unique specimen you know… Tired AND Sleepless… mmmppfffftt!

Leo: I can’t sleep….. but I’m tired to think of Rhyme….

Sid: Funny ! I thought you don’t need to think to rhyme with me….:)

/* and here, at precisely at 12:00 Am, Leo automatically began to rhyme…. The poor sleep deprived soul was probably not even aware that he’d started msging in rhyme!!! */

Leo: I find it more difficult to think
When I have not slept a wink….

Sid: And yet, without a single blink,
Into rhyming words we sink!!

Leo: Don’t msg my phone now and weep,
G’night Einstein, I’m off to sleep.

(A very frustrated) Sid: But we just started You Creep!
 Pray, why would I ever Weep?
And how you off to sleep,
When we’ve got a rhyme to keep?

Leo: Stop and let me sleep in peace,
Can’t we do this some other time please?
I just cant stay awake no more,
My eyes already so tired and sore!

Sid: But how can I let you off to sleep
We’ve got so much to share and keep
Won’t you rhyme just one more time?
So that this ends up sweet and fine?

Leo: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sid: Oh well, It seems you’ve gone to sleep
I wish I could sneak in and peek
But you’re too far for me to reach
Oblivious to my beseech

Leo: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sid: Alright My Friend, now go to sleep
In the morrow, tell me ‘bout ur dream
maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll fall asleep
To be found at noon, quite fast and deep,


Dawning Bliss

I’ve been in search of a dawning bliss
A silent truth that I have missed
A truth that cleanses all my sins
A truth beyond degrade

I’ve searched for it o’er raging storms
Stealthy sands and bright lit morns
Fiery mounts that lay so torn
My passion un-betrayed!

I’ve dreamed of this throughout my time
Felt the sadness; seen the crime
I’ve knelt among the worthless grime
Highly Unafraid!

Whenever I find my eyes in bind
A friendly voice I’d always find
Deep within my sordid mind
Calming, Yet so brave!

When darkness claims me – Leaves me pale,
When selfish deeds have well been weighed
My Lord will smile and lift the Veil
The veil that darkness made!

Pic Credit: Dawning Bliss by Itinerant

A String of Questions...

This is a very interesting Tag i saw in many blogs... So am taking it up.... Just plain Curious....
But I found some questions really silly.... So, i did what i do best....
I replaced them with questions that were ever more silly!!

The Questions (After a bit of alteration by me) are here:-

1. If curiosity Killed The Cat, what happened to the mice???
(I know it sounds strange, but bear with me and answer this question!)
2. What do you think about my Blog?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?