In the midst of the pure; among the godly,
There lies a demon, biding his time
Licking his lips, he feeds on all things ghastly
Sharpening his claws, he is plotting his crime
His eyes! They seek not the goodness,
Neither he lingers on charms
He craves for one chance; one weakness
His eyes are trained only on fawn

His schemes! Ever always repugnant
His deeds can be counted too foul
He preys on those young and innocent
Who he chances upon on his prowl

Reflect, on the victim, young and silent,
What God would forsake her this way?
Her eyes were wide; witnessing the violent,
Why was her life turning grey?

Was this her fate? To be manhandled
Was all this what she had to bear?
Her questions still lie; all unanswered
She silently wipes out a tear…

Child Abuse, is one of the most
 Heinous Crimes any human could ever dream of stooping to do.
 Its our time now. Its our choice to put an end to it.
Do we stand United?
pic credit: Google Inc.