In my heart of hearts, this question creeps
It’s answer known to none
Why do thou ask me of my faith?
My heart burns like the sun

“My blood is pure, as is yours too!”
I scream out through the pain,
There’s none too high and naught too low
There’s only loss and gain,

We search for truth in separate means,
On every hill and creek
Although we blindly fail to glean;
One answer both we seek!

For different Faiths we follow, true,

Our morrows are at stake
Why live at risk of imminent doom?
Why live a life thats fake?

Why make such farce as caste o brother?
Why distinguish in men?
Mix your blood with mine, O brother
Pray, distinguish then?

Why not try and love one another?
Why not share and bear?
Why not harbor faith in the other?
Why suspicions Flare?

Its time for peace, not war my brother
For love you stand to gain
Which God ever asks to spill thy blood?
And pass out from the pain?

True godliness demands no power
Demons do lead astray
The path of God; love has discovered,
Let us lead the way