Why did People not see?
Why was it meant to be?
Why was shame everywhere?
Why did there rise despair?

Did my love ever know such bounds?
No one ever heard my silent sounds
Why was I lost in the haze?
Why have the hounds stopped the chase?

Why has hope let go of my hand?
I know not where I truly stand
With towering infernos of mistrust and hate,
Even I know not where rests my Fate,

Won’t they let me rest in peace?
Wont they let my passing ease?
Wont my demons haunt their lives?
Wont my sadness gloom their eyes?
I’ve noticed many criminal cases…. Some have been solved - after Years of fruitless search…
However, Thousands remain unsolved – These are cases which The Police/Govt., 
are as clueless about, as bystanders like us usually are.
This piece is for one such case that has baffled the Nation’s best crime fighters, the CBI.
Yea, I know what some of you are thinking…. Why now? And Why at all?
I have only One Answer… Or more like a question…
If Not Now, Then When?
If Not Me, Then Who?
Many times, I’ve been stumped by this question.
Have you?
pic credits: Google and Rupa Abdi