Firstly, Happy Diwali to Every One of you.

While Everyone Lights a Lamp Tonight, I however, have sad tale to tell. My poem isn't exactly festive, but its an attempt to describe what is going on in the hearts of some unfortunate souls.
 I write this to remind my friends ..... to spare a thought for those few, who are unable to muster up enough happiness from within to light up their lives on this festive occasion. While the World celebrates the end of a monster, They hide alone, grief striken, in a dark corner, where a different monster eats them up. The festive happy faces of other, more fortunate ones, seem to mock their very existnce.

Terminal Illness can be such a killer!

Pain, Anger, rising up like an inferno,
Eyes Blinded with tears, Unknown to the flow
Lost in hatred and injustice in my life
Hurt and Bleeding, in unimaginable Strife

Talents unrealized, potential lost; wasted
So loveless, kicked around, feeling used and tasted
Is this what I’m meant to be? A tool to be recycled?
Mixed with the hopeless, confused and molested?

Evil surrounds me, unrelenting and merciless
Where’s your God now? They ask me; Now, I’m faithless
Look around, your end is drawing closer
Say Goodbye to life, its called u such a loser

How nice to roast on coals so red hot?
Keep glaring at you till my worthless eyes rot?
You keep taking the unfair advantage
 Htred leaves me this legacy of my bad fate

Friends lost, staying all alone now,
Biding time till my hourglass tells me to stop
Death now seems my lesser evil, closer friend
Forsaken love; goodbye to all, my brethren………

This is a small piece i wrote when I was in denial mode yesterday. Then I realised that it sums up everything that might be going on in the mind of the poor soul who just found out that he had a terminal illness......
Inspired, subconciously, by Ayushi in her thought provoking post...
Thank you, Ayu.