His ways have stood the test of time
So has his chosen path inclined,
His godly charm and playful rhyme,
Have gone up; high and shined!
His spoken words were fiery, few!
His words have left them black and blue;
His one man army fast and true,
Many a monster slew!
His speedy walk once roused us all,
He took our hand and stopped our fall,
Our sights he raised, above all tall,
Our burdens turned too small.
He walked this land many years ago,
He lent a hand and never let go,
But ask yourselves, and your ego,
His help didn’t you forgo?
His spirit now weeps at the state of life,
His trust betrayed, by hate’s own knife
Its us, towards whom, he now sets his sight,
To save Her from this plight!!

A tribute to the Father of our Nation....

And A question to You Guys.....
Speak from your heart,
Do you think Gandhian Principles still hold good in today's Cut-Throat World?
If Yes, Why?