Before You Read On…..
I’ve been awarded once more!!
By Ayushi this time!! 
 Thanks a Trillion, Ayushi!!!
 Wow... It really is raining awards!!! I'm well and truly Pumped Up.....

Now, On with it...
Here’s a confession:
I’m an Amateur Poet, and also self made Computer Freak. But More than that, I’m a Linux freak. Linux has been my passion ever since I first laid my eyes on it, about 8 years ago. Many People I’ve met have this very wrong misconception that “Linux is for Geeks”.

I beg to differ.

This Tag Post is Incredibly Lengthy, and leans more on the technical side; more than what you guys have come to expect from a poet like me.

So all you guys out there who love to visit my blog and ALSO do have a passion for Linux and Operating systems in general, read on.

And those of you who have probably never heard of the word “Linux” in this lifetime, save a few times some of the “Software Engineers” among you, might have spit it out just to keep face in the society -- (Of Course I’m kidding….. Honest!! ) -- You guys just might wanna stick around and see what you’ve been missing when you spent all that time Banging your head and your fists, and making some Unmentionable hand-gestures at your XP Screen!



Now On with the tag-post!!
The Tag which inspired such a lengthy post is called The DeskTop Tag.
Prashant Sree Tagged me with this one EONS AGO!!, but I couldn’t do it then because I was in Dharwad (North Karnataka) while my pc was eating dust at Mysore (South Karnataka).
Also, Vinay has tagged me with it as he always does….. (No complaints, Vinay; I Love your Tags)
And now that I’ve finally managed to transport my PC to my new place, here goes!!
There are 2 reasons why my post is so lengthy.


The tag asks the tagged soul to take a screenshot of his desktop and write a few words about the DeskTop. But the tag seems to have no provision for us Geeks who have a dual boot set-up of XP and in my case, Sabayon Linux.


While a single screenshot of a Windows DeskTop would be sufficient, the same does not hold true for the Linux OS that I’m mad about, coz the linux desktop is way cooler than anything anyone could ever scratch up with Windows Vista. Interested? Read on!!

And Please do Enlarge the pics by clicking on them... Then only can you clearly see the Screenshots.... Preferably on a 1024*768 screen!

So here’s my Plane old Windows XP DeskTop Screen shot:
[Click To Enlarge]
Here you see an “AlienWare” Wallpaper, with a Vista-type ”Sidebar” (Which is, incidentally, the ONLY THING I like about Windows Vista….), A beautiful looking Media Player playing one of my favorite Songs (Summer of ’69)

Yes, I’m a gr8 Prince of Persia Fan, and that’s one game I can’t Live without, along with the icons of my other favorites, like Kasparov Chessmate, Fifa08, etc.(By the way, The Turbo C link, is plainly just to show off .....
And the Time you see in the clock; 2 ‘o Clock, is in the morning!! [Yes, I’m a fruit bat- nocturnal since conception!!]

This is my other Desktop
[Click to enlarge]
This is a screenshot of my Sabayon Linux Operating System. Sabayon is a Linux Based OS, and like almost all other Linux-Based Operating Systems out there, it’s available for free, under the GNU Public License.
In this screenshot, you can see an adorable “Card Captor Sakura” wallpaper.
After batting your eyelids at the cutie up there, allow me to throw some light on my claim: my claim, that Linux is the best Looking desktop till date, (comparable only to Mac OS of course). Take a look at the next ones……

Here is a screenshot of the desktop 3d effect called 3d cube

[Click to Enlarge]

You can actually rotate or drag the cube and use all 4 desktops…the sides of the 3d cube!!
I’ve never felt the need to use the minimize option ever since!! Just drag a window to another face of the cube and switch between the faces as u work, just by using the scroll-wheel!!

Check this pic out...

[Click to Enlarge] 

Here you can see the drag and stretch effects available! The windows, are elastic. When maximised, they can be distorted abd stretched, as shown! The windows seem to be nailed at the corners....

Now for some Video effects....

 [Click to Enlarge] 
As you can see, one of my favorite movies (Tokyo Drift... 2F2F) is on.... (Yes, VLC Media Player is available for Linux too) 
Now, when the desktop 3d cube effect is activated, and the cube is rotated to the opposite side, 
 [Click to Enlarge] 
Viola!! You see a mirror image- video of the Movie.... Awesome na?

I won't bore you guys with more technical / nerdy / Geeky stuff no more!!
Hope You Guys liked the tag.
Anyone who likes to be tagged with this kinda tags can pick it up!!
But I hope Numb, Ayushi (Crystal), Divya, Vinz and finally Trinaa, would try a hand at it