I see you wake, in the morning rays

I see you shake, your head sideways!

Then you welcome me, with open arms,

You’ll be my sweet; I’ll be your charm!

On your way to work, I see you smile!

What joy I bring; just lasts a while,

Yet your smile lasts long, it’s a lively bright!

How blessed be I, to have seen this sight?

What Warmth you spread, throughout your way!

Your smile lights up darkest of days,

Your pleasing sight lights every eye!

Like the morning rays break through the ice!

And the sun goes down; it leaves a frown

For my dream day’s done; So’s My Wishful Crown!

But a day that’s begun will have an end

It’s the rule of life, which none can bend!

I’ve seen your ways; I’ve been your day

Right through my stay, Oh! It’s been so gay!

It’s my lasting dream; it’s a dreamer’s fare,

Open are my eyes, though a dreamy glare!

This is actually, a tag post

Mampi , I thank you for this

Coz it reminds me of my old ways

Ways that I sorely miss!

As tradition demands, I need some ‘Bakras’!

It’s time to tag, not time for ‘Nakhras’!

So for Once I tag, some guys I know

Who love to tag and tag some more!

List of the tagged ones:

Trinaaaaa (Heh Heh)

Gagan (I request a poetic reply from you, Bro, In light of your l8est post!)

Prashant Sree (Told you You’re next in line!!)

The Listener (Wanna see you speak! And this time, I’ll listen!)

Diana Sahoo (I’d Love to see your reply to this Tag! So plz do accept

My Message to Y’all!!

You will like this, it’s not a miss

Take up this tag, with a hug and a kiss,

You all I tagged, for a reason; see?

I just want to know how your day will be

If you got the chance to choose the way

To Choose the way you spend your day!

I love To Rhyme!!