He Strikes a poise, a hardened glare
Induced by test of time
His glance is sharp; a worried stare,
Into the darkest night;

He's older now, a youthful old,
With shadows of his past,
His eyes do shine with bloodshot gold,
His mind wants not to last,

Memories, like rays of light,
fall upon his heart,
He tries to push them far off sight,
But they just linger past

In his minds eye, he sees a pair,
with loving eyes they stare
His own free self, a frolic there,
He finds the solstice fair

He feels the love they have, to share
With him they mean to be;
But twisted fate and time combined,
to end his happy spree

One moments grace, was all it took,
For fate to intervene
He turned around and heart his shook
At what God made him see!

There they lay, in natures lap
Their eyes had turned to stone
He called to9 them, he cried out loud
His Pleas were heard by none

He shook their forms, for one time last,
He hoped against all hope
But both lay still; they smiled not once,
Bound by deaths own rope

His life ripped out; his heart did bleed
For loss of both he loved;
His papa strong; His mom so fair
Were now beyond despair!

His will still strong, struggling with fate
He tries to bear the gale
The creatures vile, with thunder-sticks
Still on his white-hot trail

He's  fight hard to stay alive,
His life is on the line
He's 'bout to fall, his death awaits
In Our Hands Lies his Fate...


There are a few websites that are working for this cause.
Also, visit Riddhima's post on the dwindling tiger population, 
To contribute to the Noble cause,
Please visit the WWF-India Donate page
The Save the tiger fund website.
Do whatever you can. Every Little Gesture Counts.

Pic Credits: Google and WWF