I have Been Awarded!!!
This is My First Award Ever!!
And for this award, I'd Like to thank,
 For Nominating me!!
Really, Diana, I can't thank you enough!
for Introducing me to the wonderfull world of blogging!
You're one of the best poets i've known, dude!
Keep Rocking!
My Sony Ericsson w580i Phone
How can i Ever thank you enogh?, oh brilliant gadget of mine?
almost all my posts and every one of my comment, you've delivered safely to the great world of bloggerville!
Here are the rules for the Blogging Friends Forever Award:

1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Put a link to the person you received the award from.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

4. Put links to the blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees.
Now, its time to nominate....
You see, I love reading 17 blogs from my blogroll a lot more than the rest. But the rules state that I am allowed to nominate only 5.
So I, along with Vinay, Have come up with a nice plan. Vinay and me; We seem to have similar tastes in many areas. Blogging is one of them.
So to make sure that none of our favorite bloggers get left out, we've decided to pool our nomination lists. He will nominate 5 and so will I, but ALL 10 nominees are actually our Favorites!
Nice Plan na?
So Here's The list!!!
This is the guy who introduced me to blogging, and persuaded me to post my old and new poems in Silent Recollections!
A master poet, who is one of my best friends from college days of yore, who always states that he writes best on nature based subjects, But writes damn well on every other subject on the planet!
How you escaped from this award till now, is beyond me, dude, But you're getting it now.(Ha!)
[ sorry, Trinaa, Couldn't resist the extra a's!]
One hell of a potential Poetess. If her first attempt at poetry was that good, I get sweaty palms just anticipating her future works!!!
Her Blog: A Simple Life

A poetess who churns out beautiful works everytime she swishes her magic pen! Loved her poems.
Her Blog : The Inner Journey of a Dreamweaver
A wonderfull poetess, who's poems i never fail to read, and enjoy.
Keep Rocking, Nan!
Her Blog : Nandhini Speaks

This one is the author of a blog which never ceases to interest me. I love his blog a lot. A wonderful person. Wish i could have met him, when he comes to mysore, But, sigh, I'm relocating.!!:( Sorry, Gagan!
Thanks Everyone, For Ur Great Blogs!!
The other 5, are in Vinay's nxt post. Keep ur eyes Peeled!