If god gave you one small chance
to be what you could be

If he tells you to drop the farce
Choose an Identity

would you be your own true self
or just be someone else?

Would you try another way?
another Truth to tell?

Would you be like the silent sea?
Mysteries you behold?

Would you be a speaking tree?
And let the truth be told?

Would you sail to farthest lands
A sailor , would you be?

Would you take to the lonely skies?
A gentle Bird so free?

Would you rather deem it great
To be a bird of Prey?

Would a life of a hunter's bait
Be your final say?

Or would the final choice you make
Be none from those above?

Would your choice be what it was
Not so long ago?

"Your true destiny Awaits You
with wings of patience and a hint of Anxiety."

P.S. Photo Courtesy: Astra Virtual Labs