She was born in an age so dark
Her creators meant to make a mark
Her future dark, but not too stark,
The golden bird of fame

They fought for her with iron stance
they tarried not; none looked askance
they made the plans; took every chance
To free her was their aim.

She had been caged for long, long times
Her love was chained by hateful crimes
her freedom like a bird's clipped wings
Such was her life of shame

and then it changed; the wheels of fate
Her people woke, &none too late
For it was time to make a choice
Of freedom from the chains

She called for blood; She was enraged
The blood did spill, but none in waste
For shattered chains & freedom cries
Were rent into the air.

She is free now, to fly up high
Her wings restored; Willing to try
Her children bold & fighters all
Her Pride restored Once More!


A Happy Independence Day To
All My Indian Readers Out There!

Jai Hind!