Your habit was for fun, so cool it seemed.
All your friends did it, so hip was it deemed!
You found yourself at the top of the world
    Only when it was between your lips, so curled!

You loved the smoke, envied the spirals,
You paid no heed to the upcoming virals,
Your eyes so glazed, with a mirage of pleasure.
too blind to see your bleeding loss of treasure!
Your good times were soon getting fewer and fewer
Your  got dark circles; Your food tasted like sewer,
Your life was controlled by the devil of smoke
your lungs were now screaming, coughing from the choke

Your "Pack-a-day" turned to "Packets-per-hour",
Your filter-paper rolls, now had all your power,
Your life now consisted of only butt ends
Your body, an ashtray; Nothing left to mend

Now you look at me, morose on your deathbed
you flinch at my hard words, at every word I just said,
They say you wont live to see another morning,
Too bad, you missed out on the "STATUTORY WARNING"! 

There are Better Ways To Kill Yourself!!

Pic Credit: Google Images