I found this one, when i was sifting through my old diary. . .
I wrote it almost a decade ago, so please do not wonder if My Brain has reverted to childhood

Oh! Do tell me Why,
Why the stars do shine,
Why the moon looks white,
And the clouds so white!

Why forests have trees,
Why trees do have leaves,
Why leaves are so green,
And why bullies so mean!!

Oh! Answer me this,
Why feathers are light and stones are not,
Why clovers are green, but petals are not,
Why the Sky is so blue, but the earth just is not,
Why flowers go bloom, while fallen ones rot!

Oh! Do tell me Why?
Why mom seems so cross,
Its just a small scratch,
Why dad seems to scoff,
My crayons are high,
Now beyond my reach,
A lesson they all,
Just wanted to teach!

- soulreaver

I've posted the work, just as i found it.
Do you have all the answers?
Pic Credits :
First one: Google!
Boy : Benzene Mohamed Aseel on flickr