When thick blood flows as fury's river
Lives are lost and survivors quiver
All but one question comes to my mind,
Answers to which none seem to find

A battle as planned by a monarch or two,
Scheming for glory, which never was their due,
Each aims to annex the lands of the other
The interests of the people are up for no bother

They live a life so costly, their coffers so full
Great food to eat; sweet wine to mull
Monarchs that they are, blood ran so cheap,
Lives of countless taken, others left to weep

Battle for them was naught but a wager
For lives of others - not other's- were in danger
Lives of their people, whom either loved not,
Doomed into servility, Lest outlawed to rot

And so begins a battle, as arrows downpour
Passing through shields, sculling some more
Pandemonium is the name of the game
Death tends to gain, on their fight to fame

When the battle dies down, and the dust has settled,
The vision that awaits you will leave you UNsettled
for farther than your moist eyes will see
blood spattered swords & bodies will be

Aplight so grim, and so very evil,
Will be a sight so common, the work of the devils
Lest we stand tall, & fight for their fate
Do it now, lets, Before its too late


I dedicate this work, to the people of Darfur, Sudan. This is a plea to every one of my readers. Please do visit "Lets Heal Darfur", a post by Mr. Kulpreet Yadav in his blog to know more about the horrible events going on in Darfur, Sudan.
Please do sign the petition in Alex's link (Alex is one of the brave people who is Fighting for Sudanese people)
Given therein
Thank You