She lives in darkness; knows not of light
The fates; they laugh at so sad a plight

The Bright sun, mocks her as she sits down to weep;

Such are the secrets she is doomed to keep.

Of bangles and chains; her story retold
Deep knotted veins; the tragedy behold

She hides her pains, as wrinkles unfold;
Her losses are gains, memoirs in gold.

Of bangles and chains, Its winter once more,
The daughter of ceres, They knew not her lore

In midst of the void, her search for a door

She finds that there are none; tears taste so sour

Of bangles and chains, History is made

The bangles just colored, the chains melt away

She comes up to task, and its spring again

Too long has she slept; she's not reborn in vain

Pic Courtesy:

[First Pic] : miseradreamer from Photobucket

[Other Pics] : Google