This one goes out to a very special friend and mentor.

Sometimes i sat and wondered,
'bout where it all began,
Why in life i faltered,
And just got up again....

Why the beads of sorrow,
Decorated me,
Why was I so harrowed,
And yet so purely free

My quest brought me some answers
Much truthfull were they all,
The emptiness of my words,
Were the reason for my fall.....

My promises lay shattered,
Were the remnants of the past,
My words, though so ambitious,
Were just not meant to last.....

And then came inspiration,
A golden ray of hope,
He showed me perspiration,
And taught me how to cope.....

He got me back on my feet,
For i was on my knees,
Yes! He was there to guide me,
In the most dire times of need.....

In the darkest hours of my life,
In times of hasty deeds,
I made a silent prayer,
His light was my only need.....

I ask once more in gratefull stance,
How can i repay thee,
For all i need is your friendly glance,
And your faithfull comradrie

- SoulReaver