I see the light, it shines so bright,
It shows the visions of my own plight
It makes me think of the life i lived,
And just makes me scream and writhe in guilt

The past is lost and the future's bleak,
I am living my life on the edge; I bleed
It comes too fast; it strikes my heart
I am falling prey to my lowly deeds

There is none to blame; It all links to me
I may just have screwed my one chance to see
Just how good it gets; just how far I leap,
Just how high i fly with my wings of steel

At the end of the day, one quest haunts me
"Where does this lead?" This the voice asks me
I answer it not; i just beg and plead
"Give me time to think; please just listen to me"

In the final stage of my well-wretched life,
I have gained naught more, just some pain and strife,
Oh! I've not lost yet, but I hav'nt yet won,
My fears are confirmed; the War has now begun

- SoulReaver