Life is sometimes, so very bare
It manages to touch the depths of sorrow
My time is up; no one seems to care
Is there no more I can borrow?

When I was young, you loved me too
Your weakness was I; your darling new,
You bonded with me, and I, with you
Best of my life; those days so few….

And when I saw, as I grew old
Your love for me grew lesser and cold
It finally struck me at my heart
That you had plans to end my start

I howled, “Why do you want to kill me?
Was I not loyal enough?”
Your resolve at best has chilled me…
How have you grown so tough?

I guarded your life Night and day.
I kept the prowlers forever at bay
I loved you more than myself, I can say
And yet you abandon me in such a way?

And now I lie, in this mangy cage
My Heart is broken and my mind is enraged
You left me here with people deranged
To face the death, that you have arranged…

And now, they come to seal my fate
They bring me meat which killed my mates
They have thrown it down, into my cage
They look at me; My death awaits…
- SoulReaver