I dedicate this one to a friend who is also a good poet himself. He is the reason and the catalyst who made my Blog a possibility. I cant thank him enough.

Every now and then, in dreams
In dreams Oh, so serene,
I envision a scene
A scene unlike a dream
A scene which pulls my heartstrings,
My senses it defeates,
My lonely heart it captures,
My mind it sweeps so clean
I spy a kindly face
A face of charming grace
It speaks to my soul in ernest
My heart begins to race,
My will just lies asleep,
I know not why i weep
And then a hand i see
Wipes my tears for me
Suddenly, my heart, I perceive
To sorrow it pays no heed,
My tears were long gone too
Like birds they all just flew
The happiness came back,
With the face I loved but lacked
My soul felt so at peace,
I thanked Him for this lease.
My friend is now my guide
It's him I meant to please.