Sometimes I look at the distant seas
And distant shores of York,
I feel a searing pain at heart
When I think of what I lost

Whenever I see that yonder moor,
You it reminds me of
I know I said I loved you not
But it’s you I am dreaming of

I dreamt of love; it’s you I found
Your gentle touch so new
The feelings felt by my tiny heart
Were surreal; so true

I loved you so, more than my life,
I found you loved me too
And Oh! My heart just knew no strife
Just like being born anew

It was then that God just slashed my hopes
And ripped my dreams away,
It’s then I found, my life undone
I was not meant to stay

I was not meant to live my life,
As long as others would,
I cried out loud, it hit my heart
And then I thought of you

I kept away, I neared you not
Neither let you through
Your calls I saw but I answered not,
Forgive me moments few

And finally the day had come
The time to say goodbye
Never in my dreams had I felt so low
When I just made you cry

I meant to keep you in the dark
‘bout my fate so sealed,
I was so scared ‘bout how you’d feel
To know my wounds won’t heal

I know I lied; said I loved you not,
And now you know it too
Your Love is all I ever sought
And now you know it’s true

Countless thoughts soared through my heart
They pierced it through and through
The guilt stayed still, love’s labor lost
I knew it was too crude

You said to me, you loved me so,
You’d never leave my side
“We’ll live the moments you have left”
We’ll stand the test of time

And now I see you by my side
You hold my hand in yours
My moments last are Oh! So few
But look! The time has stopped .

PS: The pic at the top (NOT the one below)reminds me of a certain cousin I've got.

those of you who know her, Lets see if you're right!

comment me with your guesses!