As I sit by the speaking tree,
A gentle breeze caresses me
A youthfull shadow from my past,
Makes me cry out loud at last.

I feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Dont feel no loss, dont feel no gain,
The good old sky speaks out again,
The shadows gone; I feel the rain.

It drops down with a cooling feel,
It mixes with my tears; I kneel.
I think about the loss; I reel,
The pain is back, but i want to heal. . .

What lies beyond the pain, I ask,
Is this too much? Too hard a task?
Thats when i hear the gentle voice
"Its of the tree!" I realise.

It speaks to me and turns me calm,
Its gentle voice soothes like a balm,
It drops a fruit into my palm
Guides me from the way of harm.

The rain is gone, and so's the pain,
I feel that i am born again,
The shadow's back, it hurts no more,
And I go to sleep with a gentle snore!

- SoulReaver