I asked God one fine morning,
Why make pain to bother about?
Why open pandora's box,
If You want us Happy throughout?

If pain and sorrow existed not,
And life was free for those who sought,
With all our hearts we'd pray to You,
And feel Your presence in all things true?

Then why have pain and evil sorrow,
Why bring fear of ones tomorrow?
Them why let us not just live our life
Without a worry; a tear or strife?"

He seemed to take no great a time,
He smiled and gestured; His eyes sought mine,
"if pain and sorrow were not to be,
And life was a thing truly easy,
Would u have learnt to love so true?
Have learnt the "happiness" virtue?"

"listen O Son," said He at hand,
Love and pain go hand in hand,
Without the pain, there is no gain,
And your every venture will be in vain."

"Let go of pain, Dwell not too much,
Beyond the pain lies your true aim,
For all the pain and all your sorrow,
Were only to help to shape your tomorrow."

Love ur life, and do not strife,
Live your life to the last of your morrows,
Be true to self, Be free in your quests,
For pain and sorrow are nothing but tests!

- SoulReaver