Celebrations Ahoy!!

Around half a year ago, I happened to receive a call from one of my very good friends from college days (One of very few, now that I come to think of it…). We chatted around, about old times, and then something pleasant happened. We found out that we both harbored a passion for a thing of beauty. Poetry, we called it.
And then, he said, “Hey! Why don’t you publish them on the Internet, Like I did?”
That was the opener for me. For Silent Recollections. And that’s how Vinay, a budding poet, writer, engineer-to-be, and most importantly, a very good friend of mine…. Heck, The best friend I have, managed to fill up enough inspiration into lazy old me to create this blog.
But that’s not all that Leo deserves credit for.
I have been going through a pretty hard time this year through, and Vinay has been like a life support system for me, literally.
Leo, I could never thank you enough, mate.
You’re the divine intervention that saved my fate,
Don’t wanna let go of you, at any rate,
Coz you taught me the meaning of “Never too late”!
It’s been a journey past compare! I’ve had many happy moments in my life, but none have ever even come close to this. Today, I post my 5oth post at Silent Recollections. It’s a sweet moment, and Its time to do something that I’ve been putting off for quite some time now.
Last Christmas, I’d never envisioned even in the wildest of my dreams that I’d be a “somebody” out here online. Today, the ghost of an alternative reality haunts me more than ever. It’s been a great time here, and I’ve got a lot of thanking to do.
You see, I had my birthday on the 5th of this month (As you guys very well know!!), but since the exams were on, I did not get down to celebrating it . So, today, Its going to be a double celebration Party!!!
But before that, let me say something that’s been bugging my mind. The Mumbai disaster has opened many eyes, and that’s most visible in the world of bloggers. I’d like to thank Everyone here, who raised their voices in their own ways, as and when possible, to condemn terrorism. Remember, that we are the future,  and so to see a change in our future, we must ourselves change.
I made this plaque, as a reminder and a declaration, against terrorism. I’d be much obliged if you guys put this up on your blogs, and passed it on to the others too.
Quite a number of times, I was awarded appreciative awards from people, which I could never pass on due to time constraints. I got many gifts from readers and well wishers and well wishing readers alike! So its time to declare those assets!!! :D
I got These Awards from Princess DeeDee!, God Bless her!!
(You know you deserve these awards twice over, DeeDee! so it’d be silly to mention you as a recipient!)
If you haven’t received these awards before, then please do accept them!  If you guys have already received these, please accept it again anyway!!
The  “Your Comments Create Magic” Award!!
This One, I pass on to Trinaa, Divya,  Leonardo (Vinay), and  Rhiannon Coz they always manage to really understand and accurately interpret my posts!
The “I Love Your Blog” Award
Goes to Diana, Winnie, Vozz, Farah, Nan, Mayz, Divya, Preetilata and Crystal!

The “This Blogger is Truly Sweet” Award 
I pass this one on to Anwesa, Mithe, Trinaa, Leo, Winnie, Vinzz, Priya  Lena and Bhawana, coz they deserve it more than I do.

The “Roar for Powerful Words” Award
This one goes to Express, Nivedita, Mampiji, Diana and Mayz, for being such good writers.

The “You have my heart award”
To Trinaa, Priya, Winnie, Divya, Vozz, Rhiannon, Preetilata and Mithe!

The “Winning Attitude” Award
Definitely goes to Leo, Trinaa, Rhiannon, Winnie and Solitary Steve!

The ”You Make My Day” Award
Deserved by: Leo, Mayz, Diana, Pranav  and Prashant Sree!

Best Blogging Buddies!
I really couldn’t single out anyone who deserved it more than the rest of you guys do. So, this one goes to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my blogging friends out there, who are priceless and amazing in many a unique way!
The “Thanks for Writing” Award 
Surely Goes to How Do We Know, Crystal, Express, Stephen, Trinaa, PreetiLata, Mampiji and Mayz, for the awesome posts they dish out every time
This Award was given to me by Stephen : “The Thoughtful Blogger” Award,
Thanks, mate,
This one goes to: Crystal, Lena, Princess DeeDee, Prashant Sree, Diana and Rhiannon!

“The Lovely Blogger” Award
This Award was given to me by Lena. Thanks Lena!
This Goes to : Princess DeeDee,  Leo, Pranav, Preetilata, and Rhiannon!

The “ButterFly” Award!
I got this one from Priya, Mithe, Leo and Trinaa!
Thanks a lot You Guys!!!
Goes to Divya, Diana, Princess DeeDee and Crystal!

“The Proximity” Award 
This one was ararded to me by Leo and Trinaa!
Thanks you guys!!
Goes to Priya, Vozz, Winnie and Mithe!

I received many gifts from some amazing bloggers:-
These were from Crystal (The Prodigious 13 year old!)
These were from Mayank, a gr8 blogger and amayzing friend!
Now that’s not all!
Its Christmas time! Its not just about receiving, its about giving too! So, after having received all these awards, I decided to gift some of my own creations to the people who deserve the best of the best!
To ALL my Blogging Buddies!
To  the Cutest gals of BloggerLand!
Exclusively to a Special Princess!
To Leo, Farah, Trinaa, Lena, DeeDee, Crystal, Rhiannon, Diana, Mayz, Preetilata, Divya and to Stephen
Specially to Mayzz!!
:D Because everyone is gifting him crystals! Here’s mine!
 Merry Christmas To EveryOne! 
Happy New Year too!!

The Rains Are a'coming!!

The winds are strong, and I can feel the salty taste on my skin. It has been a long time coming, but I know it wouldn’t hold out any longer. After all, it’s the monsoon season!

The monsoon in this area has always fulfilled its promises. I would know. I’ve lived here all my life. All 6 years of it.

It’s been an awesome time here. I’ve had my good days and I’ve had those adventurous ones too. Youthful, unbridled joy comes to mind when I see those beautiful blades of grass, fresh in anticipation of the shower they are about to receive. I can even smell the mud. . . . You know, that wet mud smell that comes before every shower. It heightens my pleasure to think of the amazing feast we all will have once the rain stops. My pot belly grumbles; as though its angry, wishing the rain would start; almost willing it to start.

Though it’s been good, I’ve had my share of problems too. Like that time when the ugly neighbor kid who loved to chase around the poor butterflies with a net, spotted me, and decided to have some ‘Real Fun’ that day! He sneaked up and struck out at my leg when I was not looking, forcing me to hop and jump and scream in absolute pain! Thank God his mom called him just then. Another time he had almost poked my eye out with that death stick. Mom did tell me not to visit him or his garden thereafter. “An evil kid he is. I don’t want you anywhere near him. Do you understand? I guess I have to listen to her once in a while. . .

Now It’s time I did what all of us have to do. The monsoon demands it of us. I’m not complaining of course. To be frank, I’m rather proud of the job they gave me. It’s an honor after all, to be the harbinger of Good Times!

There! I see thunderclouds approaching! Just the look of those menacing clouds brings joy to everyone’s hearts! My voice is louder than an elephant’s trumpet, they say! (I can’t be sure though; Never met one of those mammoths!)

Now step aside, dear! Let me do my job!

So here goes:

“Hey Guys! The Rains a’Coming!!

Croak! Croak!

Ribbid! Ribbid!



The Blue Bird

The bird, so blue, it perched the cherry tree
Sang me some songs of perfect harmony
Told me a tale, it told so very few
Cast me a glance, that rendered me anew!

Came along the way, a hunter I despised
“I come for your bird” His eyes so searched and pried
His eyes, like a hawk, discerned the bluish plume,
My hands were bound so tight, I was unable to stem the doom

He snatched my bird, in front my very eyes
He plucked its plumage off, &ate it raw with rice
He burnt its feathers, and yet I couldn’t move
Then vanished from my sight, and left e here in gloom

That bird, now gone, my true lament began,
From valley to gorge, with tireless feet I ran,
For the vile hunter searched I, and sought him out at last
But my lands he’d long crossed, reminded me my past

That bird was none other, than our freedom, O brother,
The safety that was gifted by our very own doting mother
A leader or m’be two, we are now left to blame,
Awaiting that one day when we all meet again

Are we so guileless? We who sit here, all,
Witness our own mother breaking from the fall?
Her blood being spilled in the night; undercover
Blind and yet we see, her silent ways of suffer?

Is this the famed patience we daringly uphold?
Is this the startling way, our future will unfold?
Will not we fight for our sweet bird once so blue?
For want of our true rights; OUR FREEDOM? OUR DUE?

This has been on my mind ever since the Mumbai Attacks last month. We are racing towards the end of this year, But can we look back one day and call this year a great one?
I don't think so.
I ask today this question to every Indian, who has witnessed the attacks:

Why Have You Forgotten the Horror that surfaced in Mumbai?

To the Birthday Gurrll!!

Click To Enlarge!!

Happy BirthDay, Diana!!
Have a Great Day girrl!
May the coming year bring you
The Best of Happiness!

A loss Re-Found. . . .

When the time is lost, and you’re lost in pain,
All you spy is dust, you’re drenched in rain
Remember my words, for they speak to you,
For your eyes ‘lone, sincere and true

You saw death grab him in your own backyard
In the play called life, as a hero he starred
And today you miss his loving embrace
In every nook and corner you seek his trace

Every passing moment reminds you of him
Every small resentment, every little whim
Every little victory with him by your side
Now so overwhelming, your calls for him denied!

Know this, little princess, I’m never far away
He whom you thought lost, is forever here to stay
What you saw, was a trifle, for I’ve never gone,
The soul, is ever deathless, but to death does life belong.

Of me, when you’re reminded, you’ll always find me there
But remember; make sure I never find, ever on you a tear
For some day in the distance, we will meet again, in Rhyme,
We’ll sit together, that instance, and test the strength of time!

This is a dedication To Two Wonderful People.
Both have lost a Loved One.
Both Pine for their losses.

I dedicate this to Princess DeeDee, and to a personal friend.

Rain and Tears....

The Day The Rain God Smiled... A little Too widely( :( )

It was the day of reckoning. Ramu had hoped this day would never come. But had seen, with mounting dread in his heart, the tall yet swarthy mustached man go on and on about it all on master’s television screen about 3 days ago.

The master was a great man, thought Ramu. Who else in this large city would have taken a village boy into their house for work and to earn their keep?

At least this is better than staying in the village and dying of hunger, like his elder brother chose. The villagers had suffered worst from the draught. They’d done every possible pooja, (some sacrifices too) but to no avail.

Untill 2 weeks ago.

It had rained. It had rained cats and dogs, like it was the most natural thing to happen after 10 long years of draught. But it did not stop! It kept pouring like INDRA was paying them for their patience, with interest, all at once. As though he was trying to make up for what he’d missed in the past decade.

At first, they thought it to be a blessing. They started getting uneasy however, once the dam, the dry bed of thorny bushes, began to actually overflow.

Suddenly, it all seemed to be more a curse than a blessing.

Ramu’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the name Saharanpur. Almost cricking his neck, he turned to see the sight on the screen that he would never forget.

He was looking at the areal view of a tiny village.. or whatever was left of it. Bits of rubble, A roofless house, a trunk floating on the enormous expanse of water…. Ramu turned away.

But that did not stop his ears from listening to what the reporter was saying:

“….village was completely washed off. It was the only village that stood directly in the path of the water when the dam broke. There are only a handful of survivors. The CM has promised to visit soon. The authorities are still trying to figure out why the dam did not hold through this unseasonal rain when it successfully braved the earthquake last year….”

“You can’t ever trust those damned fools to do anything right, those fools. It’s too late now, boy, you go to sleep now. “

A tear dropped down Ramu’s cheek, just as the rain started splattering the window panes…..

word count : 398

My first attempt guys

The Photo Collage Tag

Only one exam remaining... and thats a language! so no probs

Sid's Back!
Now This Tag was given to me loooong back, probably by Vinay. I don't remember who else tagged me with this one, so plz do remind me!

The tag asks me 12 questions, to which I have to answer through a photo mosaic…They are…1.What is your first name?

2.What is your favorite food right now?
3.What high school did you go to?
4.What is your favorite color?

5.What is your celebrity crush?

6.What is your favorite drink?
7.What is your dream vacation?

8.What is your favorite dessert?

9.What do you wanna be when you grow up?

10.What do you love most in life?

11.What is the one word that describes you?

12.What is your user name?

Well,  Here's the collage i created using PhotoShop!

Click to Enlarge:)
I know how hard and time consuming it is to make this one!
So i leave it to you...
You Like it?
Go ahead and take it up!

21 and Climbing!!

Its been a while, my friends, and I seek your forgiveness. To tell the truth, I’ve been going through a rough spot on the road called life…..Exams do that to every one …. But things are now looking up.
Its been a surreal experience, and I've Loved it.
I’m thankful to Leo, for his unwavering support and friendship. I couldn’t thank him enough. Coz without him, I’d be …… to be frank, I’d not BE at all!!
I’ve turned 21 today…… sounds incredible to me, really, and I’ve got many instances that indicated to me, that I’d not see this day. But here I am!!!

My exams are almost throttling me here, so I wont be online for a while.... But if I find the time, you'll find my comments here or there....

And I’m Thankful.

Now, I’ve got a small ode to everyone I've met in the wonderful Land of Blogger!. . . . .

The Reason I’m Alive………

I’ve asked this question many a time
Now I put it to you, through a rhyme
Answer my question, or mime my crime
Tell me why I’m still alive….

I’ve seen many a rusty Day
I’ve seen the birds flight from far, far away
I’ve felt the raindrops slither and spray
But never was my query answered… Till Today!

There were many rainy days; many nights of cynicism
Many doubtful voices, many sounds of skepticism
But there also was this strength- this lone voice of enthusiasm
It answered my question, removed all strains of reservation

Today, I’ve seen the end of my harrow,
A way to break right through the sorrow
A path to follow, A vision to borrow
I’ve seen myself ….in the arms of tomorrow

- RiverSoul

And Now A dedication from my Favorite Bloggers Two!
Princess DeeDee and Vinay!!
Thanks a lot for this, guys!!!

Princess DeeDee had this to say for me!!

A few years ago on this very same day was born…a smile! Yup, Sid for me is a smile…that shows up on your face and mine.

My first impression of him- wow! This one's such a happy guy, must be very much contended with life! Wish I were like him.

For a person of his ability, Sid is quite modest. This I had known when I came to his blog for the first time. Obviously had to blogroll him, to know the other side of his happy self.

As time passed, his blog gave me an odd feeling that there's a different side to this smiling guy. A little depressing one. But tell me how many of us manage to smile and also bring it on others faces even when we are sad? How many of us can hide our emotions and still keep that smile glowing on our faces?  Sid does it; at least he makes me feel so.

Each time I see his rhyming comments on my blog I say to Lena- "Janu, Sid is soo cute, he never fails to make me smile. Go read his comment NOW!

Lena could never agree more on that.

You might get a hundred comments on your blog. Some sweet, some very sweet but a few comments have the power of leaving lasting effects.  They come flashing by your mind even after you switch of your computer! Such are sid's comments. They make me smile while reading and even after.

Sid, you are like a baby to me coz you bring as much happiness as a just-born baby does. One among those people who make my life EASY. And maybe….not JUST mine!

So keep smiling always coz when you do…even we do ;) and I know you would always want us to smile.

I know its time for smiles and maybe you're being a lil emotional (Considering that you become teary-eyed very easily ;) ) but I know sometime later when you remember this post (maybe on your next birthday!!), you will smile :).

By the way, best of luck for your exams. Take short breaks in between and study without losing heart…after all exams don't last forever but they do give us one momentous life ;)

Happy Happy Birthday :)

This is what Vinay had to Say!

A score and a year ago,
was born this guy, riversoul,
the world wasn't to know,
it had got a brilliant mind so.

fifteen years, it took us to meet,
for a poetic friendship, to be complete,
always ready to compete,
a perfect candidate, for an assembly seat.

a genius, in his own right,
he used to study, through the night,
leaving his friendship would be a plight,
always be there, to help you out of spots tight.

little normal, little mad,
little happy, little sad,
of his friendship, i am glad.

in blogger, he is a star,
wonders, thats what his poems are,
glad he came, to blogging right,
his words, powerful, inspiring slight.

on his birthday, i wish him joy,
many more poems, let him pen,
for his dreams, to come true,
i wish, in our next lives too,
let our friendship bloom again.

I couldn't thank you guys enough Ever!!!!!

Thats Gotta be the best gift i ever got!!

And here is a pic of me to Remember me by!!!

Our Wrath Incurred...

The city turned afire, innocence lost,
Like bodies upon the pyre, unceremoniously tossed,
You put humankind to shame, your priorities up for grabs,
You have none else to blame, its time to clear the trap

Lowliest of the low, empowered with guns,
You rampaged upon your whims, oh evil unworthy ones
You have struck again, but no more do we sorrow
Our hearts are all aflame; we leave you no time to borrow

We pity your lives, oh murkiest of grime,
Your numbers are too swollen, too submerged in crime
You fight for a cause that only a demon could think up
Your insignificance pronounced, by the ways that you've fucked up.

Your end shall soon be nigh, do keep this in mind,
My blood you have spilled; I shall repay in kind,
I’ve waited long enough, diplomacy be damned!
Its time to bring you down, with all you have in mind

My silence will break, for my heart you have broken,
And you’ll be WORSE than dead, once we’ve finally spoken
I promise you this; my anger won’t lessen
Not until you have learnt your final lesson

Today, many have lost their loved ones. Many have felt the rude reallity that is becoming India.
My condolences to all those wronged families.

Once more, today, we find ourselves asking the same, age old question….. When will this end? Will we ever be able to breathe freely in our own country, without the incessant fears of having our heads and bodies blown off into non-existence if ever we had the nerve to step out of our houses?
When will parents be able to send their children confidently without fear, to watch the occasional new movie that’s hit the theatres? When will a wife be able to confidently say, without doubts that her husband (who has a job with the police) is safe and will be coming home for dinner?
Where has the “free” part of our “Free Country” gone to?
A couple of days back, terror struck again, putting the whole nation onto tenterhooks. We saw with our own eyes, the destruction 20 demonic brainwashed psychopaths caused within 6 hours. Where do we stand now?

Somewhere out there, a really demonic entity is laughing its head off. At our inability to reply to their atrocities.

When will the common man’s life become terror free? When will come the day, when Headlines will read: “India Replies to Terror, and How!”? When, will we finally wake up and answer the taunts that terrorists are so easily executing right under our very noses?


Its high time to wake up.
Hope someone in the higher echelon is listening.

Hope, however has not died. We have seen, as Mayz puts it, the wounded city springing back, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I salute the citizens of Mumbai.
Leo's views on the same: A Moment Of Silence... 
P.S.: Everyone, please forgive my absence from the blogosphere for the nxt 15 days, from december 3rd. The Exams,(with a bit of help from my dear guardians,) have transpired to kill my internet connection!

On the 5th of december, a post will be auto published on my blog. Don't miss it!


Pic Credit goes to AFP.

Sifting through your mind

Within the churning sea of thoughts
within the deepest well of sorts
beyond the calm Tranquility
Beyond the thoughtful eyes that see
My mind does yearn to feel the love
That spark of fire; that treasure trove!
My heart does leap, when the lightning strikes!
Far beyond my charming Skies
Do they lie where the eyes cant see?
Does their dawn hold the same mystery?
Does their life hold as much love,
As much we hold for our one true loves?
The truth - It lies beyond our lives,
Beyond the traps laid down by lies,
The handsome dawn will break the ice
And show the path through darkness' plight

Haven’t you ever wondered, about the skies far above us, where the stars twinkling merrily, as though they know something we don’t?
Doesn’t it strike you, that among the millions of planets and stars out there just beyond our reach, lies some entity that is looking down upon us? No, I’m not talking about Gods.
I’m talking about the beings that are so wrongly called Aliens….. Extra terrestrial, we call them.
How can we prove that we ourselves aren’t aliens to our Earth?
Well, speaking like an outsider, I can honestly say that we are definitely not treating the earth like our home….. are we? Neglected – That’s the word that describes our Earth the best.

Can any one of you imagine what we (Mankind) would look like to a visiting alien?
To be blasé, we’d just look like a horrible infestation of lice, on a beautiful planet that was once as blue as ever. An unsightly blemish upon the face of the earth… that’s what our concrete jungles would resemble.
What would the sorry sight signify?
Nothing but a Dying Planet.

Sleepless Nights!!!

Yesternight, I was not feeling too sleepy. Actually, I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all!. So I did what I always do when I’m bored….. I decided to bore Leo! :D

He was watching the cricket match when He got My Message

Sid: What are You Up to?

Vinay: Am Watching match…..

Sid: Oh! I was wondering why I didn’t hear from you….

Vinay: I thought you were busy studying so didn’t msg….

Sid: I’m never BUSY and STUDYING at the same time!!

Leo: ??????

Leo: Ok. not sleepy tonite?

Sid: Nope L

Leo: Me Neither….

Sid Hmmmm… How about composing a poem together? :D

Leo: No Thanks….

Sid: We can call it sleepless Nights! And Why not?

Leo: Because I’m Tired….

Sid: Gr8. Just Gr8. You’re a unique specimen you know… Tired AND Sleepless… mmmppfffftt!

Leo: I can’t sleep….. but I’m tired to think of Rhyme….

Sid: Funny ! I thought you don’t need to think to rhyme with me….:)

/* and here, at precisely at 12:00 Am, Leo automatically began to rhyme…. The poor sleep deprived soul was probably not even aware that he’d started msging in rhyme!!! */

Leo: I find it more difficult to think
When I have not slept a wink….

Sid: And yet, without a single blink,
Into rhyming words we sink!!

Leo: Don’t msg my phone now and weep,
G’night Einstein, I’m off to sleep.

(A very frustrated) Sid: But we just started You Creep!
 Pray, why would I ever Weep?
And how you off to sleep,
When we’ve got a rhyme to keep?

Leo: Stop and let me sleep in peace,
Can’t we do this some other time please?
I just cant stay awake no more,
My eyes already so tired and sore!

Sid: But how can I let you off to sleep
We’ve got so much to share and keep
Won’t you rhyme just one more time?
So that this ends up sweet and fine?

Leo: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sid: Oh well, It seems you’ve gone to sleep
I wish I could sneak in and peek
But you’re too far for me to reach
Oblivious to my beseech

Leo: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sid: Alright My Friend, now go to sleep
In the morrow, tell me ‘bout ur dream
maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll fall asleep
To be found at noon, quite fast and deep,


Dawning Bliss

I’ve been in search of a dawning bliss
A silent truth that I have missed
A truth that cleanses all my sins
A truth beyond degrade

I’ve searched for it o’er raging storms
Stealthy sands and bright lit morns
Fiery mounts that lay so torn
My passion un-betrayed!

I’ve dreamed of this throughout my time
Felt the sadness; seen the crime
I’ve knelt among the worthless grime
Highly Unafraid!

Whenever I find my eyes in bind
A friendly voice I’d always find
Deep within my sordid mind
Calming, Yet so brave!

When darkness claims me – Leaves me pale,
When selfish deeds have well been weighed
My Lord will smile and lift the Veil
The veil that darkness made!

Pic Credit: Dawning Bliss by Itinerant

A String of Questions...

This is a very interesting Tag i saw in many blogs... So am taking it up.... Just plain Curious....
But I found some questions really silly.... So, i did what i do best....
I replaced them with questions that were ever more silly!!

The Questions (After a bit of alteration by me) are here:-

1. If curiosity Killed The Cat, what happened to the mice???
(I know it sounds strange, but bear with me and answer this question!)
2. What do you think about my Blog?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?